Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

3 hour - Fastest Women

Sara has the following short description of the route:

Took 22,31,54,84, through forest up to 49, down to 78, up again to 20, 65,67,100,56,25, 74, 55 up to road and down to 63,92,48,70, 58,75,41,61,37,71,80,51,27,81,94,34,62,skipped 84 and 46 due to short of time, 30, 76,56,21. 

Should not have been short cutting through the bush as much and better to go 32 instead of 49.

6 Hour Winner's Route

Tane and Aaron took the controls in this order:
22, 31, 54, 84, 49, 32, 78, 20, 38, 74, 55, 63, 92, 48, 70, 58, 75, 41, 61, 80, 37, 71, 42, 82, 91, 83, 93, 52, 60, 26, 73, 53, 66, 85, 64, 43, 72, 87, 102, 39, 57, 88, 28, 68, 79, 33, 44, 89, 51, 27, 81, 94, 34, 62, 86, 46, 100, 25, 56, 65, 67, 30, 76,59, 36, 47, 21.

Follow this link to see Tane's GPS trail:
Tane's GPS Trail

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Great Place - Great Weather - Prel Results Updated

Preliminary results 3 hour event:
Prel 3 Hour Results

Preliminary results 6 hour event:
Prel 6 Hour Results

We'll go through and check up on the clipping cards tomorrow.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Legend and Map Sample 2018

Legend follow link below:

MapSample with Example Course (none of these sites have been used in the real thing) follow link below:
Sample Map

And by the way it is recommended to make good use of the tracks as the bush is slow going (and quite rough in places).

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Event Information (emailed to participants)

Hi Spring Rogainers!
We're really excited to have around 140 teams entered made up of over 350 people for the 2018 Port Hills Spring Rogaine! 

We've put out 70 controls from which we think will provide lots of fun and achievable options for all.
All the information you need is in the attached documents. Please read it carefully and please forward this email to all of your team mates if their email was not given with the entry (or if they have an xtra account which doesn't like bulk email messages).

The team list contains your number (same as your entry number) which you need to fill into the attached indemnity form and hand in at registration.

Please be aware of the following points from the information:
Parking fee: There will be a parking fee of $5 per vehicle to encourage car-pooling. All vehicles with 7 rogaine participants or more will be able to park free of charge. Please have the cash ready to give the collectors as you drive in.
3 hour start time options: There are three start time options for the 3 hour event 11:00am, 11:30am and 12 noon, you can choose which you would like to do and finish three hours later.
Bring a mug for soup: 6 hour participants remember to bring a mug to have your delicious soup in!
All of the safety information: particularly that all roads are open and being aware that you will be traversing terrain that will be rough and slippery in places
Coaching guides available on the 3 hour event: for those new to rogaining we will have coaches available to help you through the first 2-3 checkpoints, you need to sign up through this link:

This is only available for the 11am or 12 noon starts.

See you on Sunday
Jenni and Carsten
(on behalf of the NZRA)

Link to: Team List

Link to: Indemnity Form