Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Over 200 entries

We're excited to have over 200 entries for the first Port Hills Spring Rogaine. And with over 75 controls in the area stretching from Rapaki Track to the Sign of the Bellbird, there is something for the more and the less experienced rogainers/outdoor dudes.

The weather is not looking too bad, but it is not looking flash either, so make sure to bring gear to make it an enjoyable experience from that perspective as well. Jenni is just putting the last bit and bobs together for the instructions, which will be emailed to the entered teams as well as being posted here on the website.

The map will be on 2 A4 pages, one stretching from Rapaki track to the Sign of the Kiwi and the other from Sign of the Kiwi to Sign of the Bellbird. It is 1:15,000 and 5 meters contour interval. It is a product from Chris Forne, which in places closer to control sites have been updated to show the best way to approach the controls.

Stay tuned for the Instructions, which will appear here soon and in an email inbox near you.

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